Digital printing

For some products advanced digital printing technologies can be used instead of offset technology resulting in significant cost savings. This is particularly applicable for products with standard dimensions printed in low volumes.

Another important field of digital printing is printing with personalization/customisation.

Using digital technology we can print on loose sheets, on paper rolls, on thermal paper, carbonless paper, and even on wood and other materials. We also print leaflets from A6 size up to larger sizes for advertising.

Technical specifications

  • sheet-fed printing as well as printing in an endless strip
  • black and colour printing
  • min / max weight printable paper 50 g/m2 / 400 g/m2
  • max. with of printed material: 500 mm
  • max. print format: 330 x 700 mm
Digital printing press Xerox Versant
Digital printing press Nipson Digiflex
Digital printing press Ricoh Pro 9200