1992 – the founding of OPTYS in Opava

We privatized the Opava branch of the state enterprise Moravské tiskařské závody Olomouc with its 46 employees and we started printing forms.

1994 – we expanded our production technology

We bought the first rotary machines and started mass producing business forms for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

1995 – we grew our business partnerships

We began printing forms for banks, insurance companies, savings banks and other financial institutions

1997 – we acquired digital technology

We acquired our first digital printer for printing postal stamps and personalized documents with bar codes and numerical sequences. In addition, we worked intensively on building our own business network and we opened four new shipping warehouses and two of our own shops.

1998 – we printed our first significant orders

Amongst the most important jobs was producing forms for the Ministry of Finance and printing Sodexo allowance vouchers. Both of these partnerships still continue today.

2000 – we invested into special production technologies

We started direct mail services and invested into special technologies for offset and digital printing.

2005 – we launch a new logistics centre

we launched a new logistics centre with a capacity of 10000 m2 in Dolní Životice

2009 – we acquired highly-sophisticated digital technologies

We bought technologies for hologram production and we started producing secure prints in mass volumes.

2010 – we grew even more!

We reached 413 employees.

2012 – we completed the construction of a new production site

We constructed production halls at the site of our logistics centre in Dolní Životice and moved the entire company there.

2013 – we started producing packaging and an assortment of wooden products

We launched our own production of packaging and wooden products at the company's original headquarters in Opava and at the same time we launched our e-shop.

2015 – we expanded overseas

We strengthened our position in the market and we starting exporting abroad.

2018 – we started low-volume production of our own products

The Opava division launched low-volume production of its own original products with a high degree of personalization, not only for businesses but also for final costumers.

2019 – more innovations

We started producing scratch cards. At the same time, we started offering comprehensive advice for running consumer competitions including the production of game cards and all other components.

2021 – change of owner

From 1. 4. 2021 The company Optys has been transferred to the ownership of the company Trimatic s.r.o.

2022 – We continue to innovate

We are launching the production of organic disposable packaging under our own brand name Logo Ecofoodbox.