In the field of direct mailing we offer our clients regular bulk correspondence management, such as account statements, invoices or one-time mailers.

Our technologies enable us to execute your order from graphic design to distribution to customers across Europe, including printing documents, producing envelopes, personalizing them with variable data and completing the order.

Pile of envelopes for batch correspondence

Variable data such as name, address, QR code, EAN code, etc. can be printed not only in black but also in colour (digital print). Combining rotary or sheet printing with digital printing allows for a wide range of products to be produced while significantly reducing the cost of the order.

We accept data in all common data formats (pdf, txt, xls, mdb, dbf, xml, html, etc.). We also process complex tasks which, in addition to the printing itself, include data sorting, data table linking, documentation printing, key data monitoring, and so on.

We are charging local postage for deliveries to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In all countries, we cooperate with both the national postal operator and alternative postal operators.

Enveloping line 1
Enveloping line 2