The most common and the most cost-effective way to secure a document is by implementing the protective element into document graphics. There are several options which can be used separately or in combination depending on the level of protection required.

Protective element Anti-scan / anti-copy raster

Anti-scan / anti-copy raster

A protective pattern such as thin lines or text is implemented into the background of the document so that it cannot be copied or scanned on commonly-used copy machines.

Protective element Microprint


Lines, patterns, or texts consisting of very small letters or numbers which are almost indistinguishable by human eye.

Protective element Guilloche


An intricate design of interwoven and continual lines arranged into geometric patterns.

Protective element Raster with checking foil

Raster with checking foil

A graphic feature which is normally invisible can be revealed by placing a checking foil on a specific part of the document.