The final option to protect a document is to apply the protective features during the printing process. This is probably the most versatile protection option.

Protective element Hologram


The highest possible degree of document protection. It is an optically variable image element on an aluminium foil visible by human eye which changes its appearance depending on the view angle.

Protective element Embossing (Blind blocking)

Embossing (Blind blocking)

A desired design is embossed into the material by means of an embossing die. After embossing the relief-like surface is apparent on the product. Embossing can also be applied over a foil which results in an embossed design covered with a foil.

Protective element Micro-perforation


A desired shape is mechanically perforated into the material by means of one or more indents (or shaped indentation).

Protective element Fluorescent ink

Fluorescent ink

The ink contains fluorescent pigments which are visible under a UV light. These pigments are visible to the eye in normal light but they fluoresce under a UV light. There are also colours with a very strong pigment visible to the naked eye (e.g. reflective orange) which glow under a UV light. However, if copied, their hue is changed and they stop glowing under a UV light, making the counterfeit easy to detect.

Protective element Thermochromic ink

Thermochromic ink

This is a special type of ink which changes colour with increases or decreases in temperature. It can be revealed simply by touch, body temperature causes a change of the colour.

Protective element Reactive ink

Reactive ink

These are special inks which are sensitive to chemical solvents to which they react by changing hue or by dissolving. Therefore, they react to the use of a dissolvent used when attempting to alter the printed data on the document.

Protective element Numbering


Numbering is one of the easiest means of protecting a secure print. Counterfeits are easily exposed if each secure print contains a unique number.

Protective element Coin reactive ink

Coin reactive ink

The colour is barely visible to the naked eye but changes its hue and becomes visible when rubbed by a metal coin.