OPTYS, spol. s r.o. is a significant, reliable, competitive and specialized supplier in the field of printing products and mailing services. Our customers include companies for which we produce a wide range of economic forms, forms for financial administration, security forms or forms with security elements. We occupy an important position in the personalization of forms and mailing services.


OPTYS has been continuously building a quality management system. Its aim is to increase the quality of our products, prevent errors, to improve delivery reliability and to meet the binding requirements and needs of our customers. The base of the system is a process of continuous improvement.

Owners of OPTYS

By increasing the performance of all processes within the quality management system, OPTYS ensures efficient use of resources, increasing the company's value and its further development.


OPTYS realizes that employees are the greatest value of the company, and the reliable performance of each employee is a necessary condition for the performance of the entire company. That is why it builds correct relationships with its employees, increases their professional standard and awareness, takes care of their working conditions and motivates and engages employees in the process of improvement.

OPTYS Suppliers

Our suppliers make an important contribution to ensuring the quality of our products. That is why we develop them, build correct relationships with them, and at the same time, we emphasize deliveries in the highest possible quality in relation to price.

Local Region and Legislation

OPTYS knows and responsibly fulfils all legislative and legal requirements related to our processes and products, including the legislation on environmental protection and occupational health and safety.


OPTYS undertakes to protect the environment, to fulfil binding obligations and to limit the environmental impacts of its activities to the lowest possible level, with an emphasis on preventing environmental pollution.


The health of our employees is a fundamental value for us, which is why OPTYS is committed to continuously improving the occupational health protection system. The base of the system is to ensure safe and healthy working conditions and prevention of occupational risks. Compliance with the requirements of legal regulations is a matter of course.

Company policy document

Managing Director
20. 12. 2023